Welcome to Devil's Conjure!

I am Adam Darkly, everyone's favorite Devil, co-owner & in-house sorcerer with a decade of experience working in folk magic. 

Here you will find many of our ritual services that you may book, as well as, many products designed to decimate road blocks, to seduce or ensnare a lover, to put your boot on the neck of injustice, conjure up the dead, and so much more. We create & offer only the highest quality and potent formulated ritual products and supplies to achieve any goal, to manifest any desire. 

If you require a ritual, you may find one that suits your needs in the "Ritual Services" section. If you require a specific product, look under one of the other sections. We also offer classes, mentoring, monthly Subscription-style boxes, etc. etc.

As always, The Devil made us do it!

Adam Darkly

Southern Rootworker | Folk Healer

I am Adam Darkly. My husband Darian Darkly and I run and operate Devil's Conjure. We are purveyors of legit and potent magical materia, we are sorcerers and witches, healers and alchemists, seers and card readers. For the past decade, We have offered our clients magical ritual services, readings, products, and more, and through your amazing support, had the pleasure of helping so many worldwide shift their lives for the better!

Adam Darkly is a conjureman, medium, and all-around Sorcerer-for-hire, with over a decade experience working on behalf of clients, exorcising spirits, making spirit medicines, offering spiritual coaching and counseling, and more! 

Darian Darkly is a ceremonial magician and witch, with over 40 years experience working in/with the Occult, including Goetic sorcery, spirit conjuration, healing, and more. 

 Together, We are the devils behind Devil's Conjure, cranking out your orders, performing your ritual works, and offering clarity in your readings...

We thank you, from the bottom of our cold, black hearts 🖤 for all of your continual love and supprt! 🤘

Better the Devil you know...