Established in 2019, Devil's Conjure offers Ritual Magic to clients who desire to change their lot in life, to attract fortunes or a new love, to avert the evil eye or bind the wicked. I have spent the last 12+ years dedicated to my craft, and offer Rituals to manifest your every desire. 

You will also find a most wicked selection of magical products, including anointing & ritual oils, amulets & charms, magical baths & incense that I currently offer, created with only the highest quality materia! All offerings are sanctified, containing no dyes or artificial ingredients.

Email at Devilsconjure@yahoo.com to book a consultation or custom ritual, to discuss custom products, and with all serious inquiries! 

Meet the Devil

Adam Darkly

The Devil

I am Adam Darkly, known to many as the Devil. I am a keen sorcerer, a down-to-earth cartomancer & diviner, and a trickster of an Alchemist. Devil's Conjure is not only a store, but my dreaming come to life. It is the vessel of my destiny, of my fate as a sacred storyteller, to weave the narrative of the cosmos, of your world & mine, a gift I bring to the world, to my clients worldwide. The magic of the Devil is first-and-foremost liberation & revolution. It is the magic of the people, of those oppressed, of the downtrodden & less fortunate. Devils spin stories, for blessing or bane. A whisper in the ear, a frightful dream that encourages someone to change their ways, the magic of stories can change the world.

I offer the chance for you to change your story, to dream your life & world anew. Through Devil's Conjure and the magical services & products I offer, You can bring swift transformation to any situation or relationship, to your fortunes or even health. I also work with many clients who need a customized ritual for their individual needs. Whatever you desire, We can help you shift any situation in your favor. Court cases. Expand your business & attract paying clients. Bind an abuser or oppressor. Destroy obstacles & uncross conditions. Heal & reconcile love & more.