World-class, renowned & respected sorcerers who have served the community since 2011.

With a combined 50 + years experience, Devil's Conjure offers the highest quality ritual products and transformative astrological magic & rootwork services, should you need the helping hand of an experienced sorcerer, or the tools to work your own will, to open roads to fortune or love, to win a court case, bind an enemy, expand a business or personal wealth, & more.

Devils behind the Veil

Adam Darkly

The Devil

I am Adam Darkly. Known by many as the Devil, I have been working in folk magic, astrological sorcery, herbalism, shamanic healing, and alchemy for the past decade +. I have been helping clients worldwide change their lives, to break the mold, to claim their birthrite & destiny, to court love, excel at academics, be victorious in a child custody case, and expand their wealth beyond their wildest dreams. However, I am only 1/2 of Devil's Conjure.

My amazing husband, co-conspirator, wicked witch, and amazing artist (He creates all of our artwork!) Darian Darkly, is the other 1/2, the peanut butter to my jelly. Where I have 10 + years working in indigenous healing and magical traditions, He has 40+ years of experience.

We wicked witches are Devil's Conjure. We create every oil, blend every bath, consecrate every talisman, perform every ritual, and package & ship every order ourselves. We work day and night to grow complete your ritual work, create new offerings, and hone our craft. Our magical products are consecrated by fixed star, constellation, planetary power & auspicious transits, by Hags & Devils, to ensure we offer only the most potent and groundbreaking products.

We offer our clients astrological magic, rootwork, and our Sorcerer-For-Hire monthly service (Link in bio), to help by not only offering ritual services, but to truly help achieve the next level in life, by also offering spiritual coaching and mentoring, divination & reading services to shed light on a marriage or career, and help YOU transform your world!

We do offer customized spellwork, as well as, custom amulets or products, and you can always email to find out more.