Welcome to Devil's Conjure!

I offer the highest quality ritual supplies, including charms & magical oils of fortune and power, consecrated amulets and ritual baths, tools to work your own will, to open roads to success or love, to win a court case, bind an enemy, expand a business or personal wealth, & more. 

For those who seek the help of a Professional Sorcerer, I offer Ritual Services to open roads & doorways to opportunity and happiness, to dominate the competition, seduce your beloved & reconcile love, ward off evil & break a hex, expand your wealth, & more.

Email me at Devilsconjure@yahoo.com with all inquiries, about consults, booking rituals, etc.

Meet the Devil(s)

Adam Darkly

The Devil

I am Adam Darkly. Known by many as the Devil, I have been working in folk magic, astrological sorcery, herbalism, shamanic healing, and alchemy for the past decade +. I have been helping clients worldwide change their lives, to break the mold, to claim their birthrite & destiny, to court love, excel at academics, be victorious in a child custody case, and expand their wealth beyond their wildest dreams. However, I am only half of Devil's Conjure.

My amazing husband, co-conspirator, wicked witch, and amazing artist (He creates all of our artwork!) Darian Darkly. Where I have 10 + years working in indigenous healing and magical traditions, He has 30+ years of experience working in exorcism & working with spirits and the dead, traditional witchcraft, working in graeco-roman magic, european folk magic, and other paths, describing himself as " A bohemian witch"!

WE are the wicked witches of Devil's Conjure.