Better the Devil you know!

Wicked products and services for the witch or wayseeker...

We create & offer only the highest quality and most potent ritual products to help you achieve any goal, to manifest any desire. We also offer many ritual services, should you need the helping hand of an experienced sorcerer. You will also find recorded classes on sorcery and folk magic that can illuminate various concepts and approaches to working magic, and for those who desire, I also offer one-on-one mentoring. 

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Adam Darkly

The Devil

Adam and Darian Darkly run and operate Devil's Conjure, and are creators and purveyors of world-class and potent ritual materia and products, illuminating divination services, and life-changing, transformative ritual services!

Adam Darkly is literally The Devil, with over a decade experience working on behalf of clients, exorcising spirits, making spirit medicines, decimating blockages for clients, helping them claim their power, and changing their lives!

Darian Darkly is a ceremonial magician and witch, with over 40 years experience working in/with the Occult, including Goetic sorcery, spirit conjuration, healing, and more. 

 Together, They are the wicked witches behind Devil's Conjure!