World-renowned for Ritual Magic & Sorcerous Materia!

Devil's Conjure offers a selection of Ceremonial & Folk Magic materia, for the witch & conjureman, including anointing & ritual oils amulets & charms, magical baths & incense, ritual tools & curios, spirit vessels & statuary, etc., created & curated with only the highest quality materia, ritually consecrated to serve your purposes, & aid you to direct your will! 

For those who require the aid of a professional sorcerer, I offer my services to those serious & committed to changing their lot in life, whether you desire to reconcile your marriage or attract a new love, to avert the evil eye or bind a stalker, to expand your wealth and be crowned in gold, to draw paying clients or open doorways to opportunity, the best time to invest in your best life, is today. Book my Ritual Services below!

Feel free to email to book consults, inquire about custom rituals & products, etc.

Meet the Devil

Adam Darkly

 I am Adam Darkly, the devil himself. A born liberator, a revolutionary, a weaver of stories, the living embodiment of the Temperance card. I work in many magical streams & practices, most specifically Rootwork & Ceremonial Magic. I have spent the last 12+ years dedicated to honing my craft, offering my services to clients worldwide, and excelling at my field.

As far as Devil's Conjure, It is many things. A purveyor of wicked ritual tools & magical supplies. Sanctuary for those in true need, those in danger, for you who desire clarity or a magical helping hand. Community for the heretic & heathen alike. An avenue for my gifts and skills to shine the world-over.

I have been working in sorcery, shamanic healing, ecstatic states, herbalism, and spiritual counseling for over a decade. I offer a balance of Rootwork & Ceremonial Sorcery. For those serious and committed to transforming your life, You can subscribe to my Sorcerer-For-Hire monthly retainer. This servce allows you to pay one flat fee to get access to ALL of my services for 30 days. This includes Ritual work & Divination, spiritual counseling & coaching.

I also offer rituals for manifesting specific desires or shifting a situation in your favor! This can includes the petitioning of angels or gods, candle & lamp magic, the breaking of a hex or illness, as well as, spellwork focused towards love or fortune, etc. 

Whatever ails you, or whatever you desire, My services and offerings can be a balm on your journey.